What Is Your Favorite Book About A Hunt For A Lost Treasure?
Posted on 12th of October, 2018


Since you did not specify whether you mean fiction or non-fiction I would have to go with a book called The Hot Zone by an author by the name of Richard Preston. It is a non-fiction thriller that was published in 1995 already, but I didn't read it until 2014 when it seemed like the only news on television was about a possible Ebola outbreak in America. From what I can remember, there was a man in Dallas who came back from Africa and died from Ebola. The two nurses who cared for him both got the virus as well and I was severely freaked out when I discovered that one of them was in my hometown of Akron Ohio before she knew that she was infected. There was a lot of panic during this time and I remember how terrified I was when there was all the talk of how the Ebola might go airborne and spread like wildfire. I was still in school when all of this was happening and even the thought of going going there or to public places like the mall scared me. It was so bad that my heart literally started beating faster whenever I heard the sounds of sirens outside. I started reading The Hot Zone to find out more about viruses and how they affected the public during outbreaks, but there were a few times where I had to stop reading just to calm my nerves with some music or painting. The way in which the author describes how diseases progress and the effect they have on their unfortunate victims literally made my stomach churn a few times. I now know of course that the author may have exaggerated some of the things like the way in which the virus literally dissolves your organs, but back then with all the news of a near certain outbreak in America it was scary as hell. After a while it became apparent that nobody in our town was getting sick and none of the fearmongering predictions came true, so life slowly returned to normal, but I still get a shiver down my spine whenever I think back to reading that book while huddled up in bed and wondering what I will do if the people around me suddenly developed symptoms.
If you can overlook some of the more dated elements and content that came from a less politically correct era, then the books by Sir Henry Rider Haggard will provide you with hours of reading pleasure. His first book in the Allan Quatermain series, King Solomon's Mines, is one of my favorites and allegedly Haggard wrote it due to a bet with his brother that he couldn't write anything as good as Treasure Island. Not only did Haggard write a novel that far surpassed Treasure Island, in my humble opinion, but it is also credited with kick-starting the whole "Lost World" genre of literature.
My all time favorite treasure hunt book is one that I am sure everyone is familiar with, namely Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Not only is Treasure Island a great book, but it is also a hugely influential one and probably one that has done most to alter the public perception about pirates. I read this book as a young boy and I loved how the tale unfolded from the viewpoint of Jim Hawkins, who was a teenager with just as much love for adventure as me. For a treasure hunt that is not quite as pirate-y, I would say that The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is also a riveting read.

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