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Christopher Greyson - Action-packed Detective Books
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When Christopher Greyson is not indulging in one of his many hobbies, which may or may not include martial arts, art or programming, he writes bestselling detective stories about a guy named Jack. A character that readers have grown to love, so much so, that he has sold more than half a million of copies of the Detective Jack Stratton series up to date. As our author of the day, Greyson reveals what he has in common with Jack, talks about his writing habits and how he breathes life into his characters.

Please give us a short introduction to And Then She Was GONE

And Then She Was GONE is a story about a young man, Jack Stratton, about to start his last summer before joining the Army and eventually, a career in law enforcement. But when a woman goes missing, Jack quickly gets drawn into the baffling mystery where everyone becomes a suspect - including himself. Caught between the criminals and the cops, Jack fights to discover the truth in time before he becomes the next victim.

Who is Jack Stratton? What makes his character so special?

Jack Stratton is a white knight with a dark past that has left its mark. He was raised by a prostitute until the age of seven when he was abandoned and placed into Aunt Haddie’s foster home. There, he bonded with Aunt Haddie, his best friend Chandler and his sister Michelle. When Jack was eleven, he was adopted by the Strattons but still remains devoted to his African-American foster family. He’s a tough guy with a heart of gold.

Why did you give Jack Stratton such a dark back story?

I originally felt drawn to write a story about a good guy messed up by a hard life because that is what happens to so many people. For a lot of people scarred early in life, like Jack, life gets harder as it goes.

How do you make your red herrings so believable?

A secret recipe. Seriously, I try to put myself in other people’s shoes.

Why do you write mysteries and suspense? What inspires you?

I have always loved puzzles and a mystery is a big puzzle that you need to piece together. I have a very vivid imagination that helps to keep me inspired.

How did your background in Computer Science, Theatre and Communications affect your work?

My eclectic fields of study, although seemingly disjointed, all dove tail together. To create a story, it involves a real right brain left brain process which utilizes my Computer Science work.  I draw on my theater experience to get the emotions needed to put myself in my character’s shoes. That emotion, the heart of my books, has to get communicated, packaged into a format so that readers can engage with the characters. That is where my Communications degree is utilized.

Tell us a bit about your writing habits. Do you have a favorite writing spot, how do you make time to write?

Habit is the key word. I have made writing a habit and start my day in my office at 4:30 am and write six days a week. I have several books in the works at any given time, so if I have stalled out on one, and am inspired by another, I switch.

How do the Jack Stratton novels tie in with one another?

The series is actually one continuous story of Jack; how his life and relationship with Alice progresses, all wrapped up in different mysteries to solve and cases to crack.

Besides writing, what other cool skills do you have?

I enjoy martial arts, theatre, programming and art.

If the Jack Stratton books were ever made into a TV series, which actor would you imagine in Jack's role?

I would let my fans decide!

How much of your own personality do you incorporate in your books?

You can see a lot of me in the jokes. If something cracks me up, I share it. I have a little of a rough past myself. Not to Jack’s level but some of that comes out.

If you could have a drink with any person, living or dead, who would it be and what would you talk about?

I would have a cup of coffee with my grandfather. I learned so much from him and miss him a lot.

What are you working on right now?

I am working on my next new book in the series, Jack of Hearts.

Where can our readers discover more of your work or interact with you?

Readers can visit my website,, and sign up for our newsletter, join in giveaways, and send me an email if they would like. I enjoy hearing from folks who enjoy my Detective Jack Stratton Series. FaceBook and Twitter are great options too.

This deal has ended but you can read more about the book here.
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