The Perfect Tribute

The Perfect Tribute


(4 Reviews)
The Perfect Tribute by Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews







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The Perfect Tribute


(4 Reviews)
A story of Abraham Lincoln.

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child raved; "everything's wrong," and launched into a mad tirade against the government from the President down.

Lincoln listened patiently, and when the lad paused for breath, "Go ahead," he said good-naturedly. "Every little helps."

With that the youngster was silent and drew himself up with stiff dignity, offended yet fascinated; unable to tear himself away from this strange giant who was so insultingly kind under his abuse, who yet inspired him with such a sense of trust and of hope.

"I want a lawyer," he said impulsively, looking up anxiously into the deep-lined face inches above him. "I don't know where to find a lawyer in this horrible city, and I must have one--I can't wait--it may be too late--I want a lawyer now" and once more he was in a fever of excitement.

"What do you want with a lawyer?" Again the calm, friendly tone quieted him.

"I want him to draw a will. My brother is--" he caught his breath with a gasp in a desperate effort for self-control. "Th

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This short story centers on Abraham Lincoln and his creation and delivery of the Gettysburg Address in November 1863. It nicely captures the sorrow, pathos and good-heartedness of Lincoln, while placing him in a somewhat contrived circumstance. Worthy of your time, anyway.
I loved this book. My son is a history major and it was a gift for him.
The inscription in the book says\"To brother John from Nellie.\" Feb. 14/06 I find it ironic that Nellie is a character in the book .Coincidence?? Maybe.
I am proud to own a small volumn of this quite powerful book on Mr. Lincoln. I find the gentleness and simpleness very inspiring. Our present gatekeepers should be presented with a copy.