Gospel Mysteries

Gospel Mysteries
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Gospel Mysteries
(2 Reviews)

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h leaders instead. These writers lived during a period when Christians were trying to avoid trouble with the Romans, and putting the blame on them could have created friction. It would have been much safer to blame the Jews.

But other scholars, while they agree that the Romans were partly responsible, still think that the Jewish leaders should get most of the blame. These leaders probably had a much greater fear of Jesus than the Romans did. But they wouldn't have wanted the common people to blame them for his death. To try to avoid this, they could have coaxed the Romans into believing that Jesus was a trouble-maker, and let them get rid of him.

A compromise view is that both groups, Jewish leaders and Romans, played major roles. But unless new evidence is uncovered, there will probably always be disagreement about who should get the most blame.

In any case, the crucifixion can be explained as a natural result of the prevailing political circumstances in Palestine. However, many Christia


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Kimberly Packard

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Normally I do not review anonymous works of non-fiction, especially, when the work is not truly anonymous. The handle "Lonely Soul" gives me some inkling this is possibly a work with some emotional baggage attached.

Nonetheless, for people who have a passing interest in New Testament curiosities, the work is a passable way to spend the evening neither challenging belief or unbelief if the reader has already spent some time with C. S. Lewis, N. T. Wright, Norman L. Geisler, or any Biblical scholar who goes beyond the fluff of Christian writers Joel Osteen or T.D. Jakes.

The work shows some evidence of scholarly research, but the book is weakened by the author's belief that Jesus was nothing more than a great moral teacher (evidently he never read or heard of C.S. Lewis' trilemma argument), along with his fascination for gnostic gospels that very few serious scholars take seriously.

The author's website is located at http://www.gospel-mysteries.net/ and he retains his anonymity due to fear of death threats from fanatics of all stripes. Sadly, religion and politics can bring out both the best and the worst in people. If a reader becomes upset over this particular work (or even this review), I would encourage psychotherapy.