The Right Time

The Right Time


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The Right Time by John Berryman







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The Right Time


(1 Review)
The trouble with prophets is that if they're accurate, the news won't do you any good, and if they aren't accurate, they're no good. Unless, of course, they're more than just prophets....

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sn't need that. But in a building full of telepaths, any conversation is going to be peeped if you carry it on long enough. And who can keep his mind closed while he's talking? It's hard enough when you're silent.

I rode directly down to twenty and let myself into the locker room. By the time I had changed into my gym suit, Evaleen Riley's ten minutes had elapsed, and I went into the gym.

If she wanted to be careful about our conversation there was no point going directly to wherever she was working out, so I wandered.

There was the usual dozen or so TK's there practicing with the weights, as well as twice as many who thought they were TK's trying to get the milligram weights to wiggle. About half of them were clustered around one table where a member from one of the other chapters was showing off by heaving at a two hundred and fifty gram weight. He was seated in the classic position, his elbows on the table, his fingers supporting his temples, and was concentrating fiercely on the weigh

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An interesting story about an association of people with psi abilities: telekinetics, precognants, healers, clairvoyants, etc. The plot involves getting a skeptical boss to believe he'll die of a heart attack.

The characters are distinct, and the plot keeps moving.
Holly J. Martin - Small Town, Coming of Age Romance
FEATURED AUTHOR - Holly J. Martin’s mother always told her she was in love with love. And guess what, she was right! After all, what is more, exciting than a crush? When Holly isn’t writing steamy, crush-worthy romance novels, she can be found running (she has several marathons under her belt), reading steamy romances (of course), enjoying a glass of wine with her husband (always her favorite crush), or binging on Netflix. As our Author of the Day, she tells us about her book, Princess.