I Travel by Train

I Travel by Train


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I Travel by Train by Rollo Walter Brown







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I Travel by Train


(1 Review)

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t on the corner of the chin that made the world go round at least for the other fellow in the ring.

Somewhere in the region of Hell Gate Bridge the train moved hesitantly for a time, and then made a broad sweep to the southward as if it were trying to find a way of getting around New York. It was exploring as it sped along. As it circled into open space, one of the fighters they had both been silent for a time looked off to the westward with a puzzled, interested stare as though he were seeing something that was beyond his understanding. Then I saw. The whole of New York from the region of Forty-second Street on downtown stood up in a leaden sunset sky like the dream of some brilliant madman. In a moment everybody in the car was silent and looking. It was something pagan, yet something unearthly. What had men been celebrating when they built it? A moment later when the train carried us along slowly where a veil of smoke in the foreground subdued the fading sunlight even more subtly than the clouds in t

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(1939) Essay / Travel / Non-fiction

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Plot bullets

Harvard Professor Brown, chooses to travel by train to conduct his lectures a various colleges.
He writes his observations as he travels in the early to middle 1930's.
He writes of things, places, and people, both big and small, wealth and poverty.
In the aftermath of the depression, he finds a vast dispersion between the haves and have-nots.

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