The Ballad of St. Barbara

The Ballad of St. Barbara
And Other Verses


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The Ballad of St. Barbara by G. K. Chesterton





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The Ballad of St. Barbara
And Other Verses


(0 Reviews)

Book Excerpt

arth as once in Eden standing
So plain again we see Thee what thou art,
As in this blaze, the blasting and the branding
Of this wild wedding where we meet and part.


If sunset clouds could grow on trees
It would but match the may in flower;
And skies be underneath the seas
No topsyturvier than a shower.

If mountains rose on wings to wander
They were no wilder than a cloud;
Yet all my praise is mean as slander,
Mean as these mean words spoken aloud.

And never more than now I know
That man's first heaven is far behind;
Unless the blazing seraph's blow
Has left him in the garden blind.

Witness, O Sun that blinds our eyes,
Unthinkable and unthankable King,
That though all other wonder dies
I wonder at not wondering.


O learned man who never learned to learn,
Save to deduce, by timid steps and small,
From towering smoke that fire can n

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