Let 'Em Breathe Space

Let 'Em Breathe Space


(3 Reviews)
Let 'Em Breathe Space by Lester del Rey







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Let 'Em Breathe Space


(3 Reviews)
Eighteen men and two women in the closed world of a space ship for five months can only spell tension and trouble—but in this case, the atmosphere was literally poisoned.

Book Excerpt

nds together on the edge of a bench and watched. "If it's chromazone, they've developed an enzyme by now that should eat the color out of those others."

* * * * *

In about ten seconds, I noticed the change. The green began to bleach before my eyes.

Jenny made a sick sound in her throat and stared at the rows of healthy plants. "I checked the valves, and this sick section is isolated. But--if chromazone got into the chemicals.... Better get your spectroanalyzer out, Hal, while I get Captain Muller. Paul, be a dear and find Hendrix, will you?"

I shook my head, and went further down the rows. "No need, Jenny," I called back. I pointed to the shoe I'd seen sticking out from the edge of one of the tanks. There was a leg attached.

I reached for it, but Lomax shoved me back. "Don't--the enzymes in the corpse are worse than the poison, Paul. Hands off." He reached down with the gloves and heaved. It was Hendrix, all right--a corpse with a face and hands as white as human flesh could

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I expected better from Lester Del Rey. Not a bad story at all, but a little melodrama from some of the characters put me off a little. This is really just a classic murder mystery set in space - somewhat disappointing when looking for a pure sci-fi story.

Nevertheless, worth the time to read.
A longish story, though not a novella. A space whodunnit with a lot of tension, motives all over the place, but no suspect. Good logical ending

Worth reading, and the cover art of the babe in the torn space suit is perfect.
The title of this story caught my attention straight away. It's a murder mystery in space and a really enjoyable read. Highly recommended.