Return to Pleasure Island

Return to Pleasure Island


(3 Reviews)
Return to Pleasure Island by Cory Doctorow







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Return to Pleasure Island


(3 Reviews)
From "A Place So Foreign and Eight More."

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and brittleness. He reached into the swirling vortex of the cotton-candy machine with his strong right hand and caught the stainless-steel sweep-arm. The engines whined and he felt them strain against his strong right arm, like a live thing struggling to escape a trap. Still strong, he thought, still strong, and he released the sweep-arm to go back to spinning sugar into floss.

A pack of boys sauntered down the midway, laughing and calling, bouncing high on sugar and g-stresses. One of them peeled off from the group and ran to his booth, still laughing at some cruelty. He put his palms on George's counter and pushed against it, using them to lever his little body in a high-speed pogo. "Hey, mister," he said, "how about some three-color swirl, with sprinkles?"

George smiled and knocked the rack of paper cones with his strong right elbow, jostled it so one cone spun high in the air, and he caught it in his quick left hand. "Coming riiiiiight up," he sang, and flipped the cone into the fl

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Steve Bookworm is spot on. This books is mind-numbingly bad. No wonder it's free on the net. I wouldn't pay for it, and if I had paid for it I would feel mugged. Even free it's not worth your time.
Wow, someone named Steve is very unhappy that he can't get published and takes it out on successful writers...

Anyway, I thought this was a fairly good story that kept my attention, even though I wasn't really a fan of the fairy tale. I think that's as good a barometer as one can get! Not Cory's best, but that's why it don't cost a dime!
The asinine "plot" lifted straight from Pinnochio is totally lacking any conclusion whatsoever. The juvenile ramblings of Mr. Doctorow are apparently the new "edge" in Sci-Fi! This author's second total waste of my time will be the last. Is it just me? If purveyors of such rubbish were fined or something maybe it wouldn't happen so often.
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FEATURED AUTHOR - J.B.Forsyth lives with his wife and three children in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. He is the author of the ABSENCE fantasy novels and their spin-off series TALES OF THE WESTLAND. Other works include TWISTED, a short story series set in and around Scarborough. As our Author of the Day, he tells us about his book, Absence: Whispers and Shadow.