The Adventure of the Red Circle

The Adventure of the Red Circle


(2 Reviews)
The Adventure of the Red Circle by Arthur Conan Doyle







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The Adventure of the Red Circle


(2 Reviews)
Included in the collection His Last Bow.

Book Excerpt

"That he desired to conceal his handwriting."

"But why? What can it matter to him that his landlady should have a word of his writing? Still, it may be as you say. Then, again, why such laconic messages?"

"I cannot imagine."

"It opens a pleasing field for intelligent speculation. The words are written with a broad-pointed, violet-tinted pencil of a not unusual pattern. You will observe that the paper is torn away at the side here after the printing was done, so that the 's' of 'soap' is partly gone. Suggestive, Watson, is it not?"

"Of caution?"

"Exactly. There was evidently some mark, some thumbprint, something which might give a clue to the person's identity. Now. Mrs. Warren, you say that the man was of middle size, dark, and bearded. What age would he be?"

"Youngish, sir--not over thirty."

"Well, can you give me no further indications?"

"He spoke good English, sir, and yet I thought he was a foreigner by his accent."

"And he was well dressed?"

"Very smartly dressed,

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(1917) Mystery (Mysterious Lodger) / Detective (Consulting)/ Short story
R: * * * * *
Plot bullets

A mysterious man moves into a lodging house and leads an even more mysterious existence.
Sherlock won't look into the case until it is a Scotland Yard matter.
It becomes such, after a murder.
There is an organized effort going on against the person in the room.
Is it the Mafia? No, The Red Circle.

Not a very good detective novel. Interesting in the first part. But the main plot is just narrated very straight with no twists or turns. Also a very simple plot. I think that was the way detective novels were wrote at those times. Still I would not discourage anyone trying to read this. A good one if you don't expect much from Mr.Sherlock Holmes.