Abducted to Oz

Abducted to Oz


(6 Reviews)
Abducted to Oz by Chris Dulabone, Robert J. Evans







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Abducted to Oz


(6 Reviews)
With Robert J. Evans. Copyright (C) 2003 Bob Evans and Chris Dulabone

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k bucket that was already full and which was just the right size for his sculpture. He quickly secured it in place in the papier maché Dorothy's hands. "If this doesn't get a lot of loud cheers from the crowd, nothing will!" He rubbed his paws with glee.





The day of the big parade came swiftly. Sir Simon and Kabumpo were vastly proud of the surprise they were about to spring on the people of the Emerald City. Indeed, it was a delightful parade. The Fuzzy Yellow Wogglebugs had put together a choral group that sang a bouncing tune as they marched at the head of the parade. Mr. Tinker followed them with an electronic float that tossed candy canes out of its windows to the people below. Princess Saari came next, riding atop a magnificent float that seemed to radiate all the colors of the rainbow. She was followed by Pegina the Pegasus, who flew just above t

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I am a co-author. Just want to point out that in spite of some rather mean-spirited reviews above, as of today there have been over 7,500 downloads. So while some adults don't like it a lot of kids sure do. That's who we were writing for - the kids. We made it free so a lot of kids might enjoy it who otherwise wouldn't.
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This book was unreadable. The writing was poor. The storyline didn't work. I love Oz--but didn't keep this one.
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Anthony Marchionna

Graham is minding his own business, preparing for a lengthy evening of algebra homework, when a wicked witch reaches out of his mirror and pulls him into Oz. While most of us would consider any trip to Oz favorable to several hours of homework, Graham wants nothing more than to get away from this witch. Once he makes his escape, Graham travels toward the Emerald City, encountering an alien presence along the way, and taking on a traveling partner named Telly. Telly is a robotic-looking creature with a television set for a head. Among the Ozites that are encountered in this book are the Cowardly Lion, the Woozy, and a beautiful unicorn named Jeanne-Marie, whose story is sure to touch your heart. From Dennis Anfuso's arresting cover illustration to his comical depiction of the wicked wartfrogs, the artwork in this volume is well above average and a joy to see
spoils the noble works of Baum's imagination! This is one of the books I'd read and "un-read" afterwards. In otherwords, I forget it even exists, because it adds sand to the food, not salt.

God bless!