The Were-Wolf

The Were-Wolf


(3 Reviews)
The Were-Wolf by Clemence Housman







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The Were-Wolf


(3 Reviews)

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reaching but little below the knee, was all the skirt she wore; below were the cross-bound shoes and leggings that a hunter wears. A white fur cap was set low upon the brows, and from its edge strips of fur fell lappet-wise about her shoulders; two of these at her entrance had been drawn forward and crossed about her throat, but now, loosened and thrust back, left unhidden long plaits of fair hair that lay forward on shoulder and breast, down to the ivory-studded girdle where the axe gleamed.

Sweyn and his mother led the stranger to the hearth without question or sign of curiosity, till she voluntarily told her tale of a long journey to distant kindred, a promised guide unmet, and signals and landmarks mistaken.

"Alone!" exclaimed Sweyn in astonishment. "Have you journeyed thus far, a hundred leagues, alone?"

She answered "Yes" with a little smile.

"Over the hills and the wastes! Why, the folk there are savage and wild as beasts."

She dropped her hand upon her axe with a la

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Well, this novel's not really very extense. But I liked it because I have a personnal fascination for werewolfs. In this story, the were-wolf is White Fell, and the other main characters are Chsristian and Sweyn, the twins.
White Fell, with her beauty becomes acceted by the whole family, except Christian who discovered what she really is.

I recommend it. This is a cool story you can read while on the bus or before going to bed. Enjoy!
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