A Flier in Longevity

A Flier in Longevity


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A Flier in Longevity by Wallace Irwin





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A Flier in Longevity


(1 Review)

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now dragged in Professor Metchnikoff to prove that certain favored strips of land grew old men, even as certain vineyards grow old wine. There was Servia, for instance. (Brian was not quite sure it was Servia, but it was worth taking a chance.)

"Servia is blessed with longevity, but need we go so far to find the El Dorado of old age?" inquired the Little Booster, in conclusion. He looked straight at Halloway, who now stood within six feet of him. "No! No! I repeat. For we have right here, my friends, at our very door-step, a tract of land so favored, I might say, by a generous heaven that it has enabled our distinguished townsman here to live to the ripe age of a hundred and seven!"

"What's the name of the place?" inquired the chief of the Health Pilgrims, in confidential tones.

"The name of that place is Healthy-View-by-the-Sea!" thundered Brian passionately.

Brian sat down, which was the cue for Dr. Abe Meyer, flanked by his twelve elderly tramps, to deliver to Uncle Ste

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Set a century ago, an out of work real estate agent teams with an unscrupulous state senator to con a health craze guru into buying worthless land outside San Bruno, CA.
Mildly funny, the story doesn't make one think very highly of real estate agents, senators, gurus, or old men. The only person of integrity is a woman, but, though outnumbered, she prevails.
Lauri Schoenfeld - A Tale of Truth, Redemption, and The Hope That Urges us Onward
FEATURED AUTHOR - Lauri Schoenfeld currently resides in Utah with her hubby, three kids, and dog Jack Wyatt Wolverine. She’s a child abuse advocate, a Nancy Drew enthusiast, and is part cyborg. Teaching creative writing classes to her community is one of her favorite things to do. When she’s not having long conversations with her characters and creating stories, she’s hosting the Enlightenment Show, reading, or solving a mystery.