The Nameless Castle

The Nameless Castle


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The Nameless Castle by Mór Jókai







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The Nameless Castle


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The story is of the Napoleonic time, and o fthe Hungarian army raised in 1809 to resist the invader. It has for its heroine a daughter of King Louis XVI., saved from her enemies by devoted royalist sympathizers, who center their hopes in a possible restoration which shall bring her to the throne of her ancestors. Her death makes the device innocent enough, a device justified, for the rest, by the romance that has been woven about her fortunes.

Book Excerpt

ved at their destination. They halted and prepared to enter the house.

At this moment the child crouching in the snow began to sob.

"See here!" exclaimed the taller of the two gentlemen. "Here is a little girl."

"Why, so there is!" in turn exclaimed the elder, stooping and letting the light of his lantern fall on the child's face. "What are you doing here, little one?" he asked in a kindly tone.

"I want my mama! I want my mama!" wailed the child, with a fresh burst of sobs.

"Who is your mama?" queried the younger man.

"My mama is the countess."

"And where does she live?"

"In the palace."

"Naturally! In which avenue is the palace?"


"A true child of Paris!" in an undertone exclaimed the elder gentleman. "She knows that her mother is a countess, and that she lives in a palace; but she has never been told the name of the street in which is her home."

"How come you to be here, little countess?" inquired the younge

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