Sam, This is You

Sam, This is You


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Sam, This is You by Murray Leinster







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Sam, This is You


(1 Review)
Sam had led a peaceful and impecunious life—until a voice cut in on a phone and said: Sam, this is You

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The following day, in the big fourth of July game, Dunnsville beat Bradensburg seven to five. It was tied to the ninth. Then George Peeby hit a homer, with Fred Holmes on second base. Sam collected his winnings, but grimly, without joy.

He stayed home that night, worrying, and every so often trying to call himself up on the device he had invented and been told--by himself--to modify. It was a nice gadget, but Sam did not enjoy it. It was a nice night, too. There was moonlight. But Sam did not enjoy that, either.

Moonlight wouldn't do Sam any good so long as there was another him in the middle of the week after next, refusing to talk to him so he could get out of the fix he was in.

* * * * *

Next morning, though, the phone woke him. He swore at it out of habit until he got out of bed, and then he realized that his gadget was hooked in and Central was cut off. He made it in one jump to the instrument.


"Don't fret," said his own voice patronizingly. "Rosi

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An amusing story of a telephone lineman who talks to his future self on a disconnected phone line. It brings up the question of, "where does an invention come from if no one thinks it up?"

Good characterizations and a nice circular plot that ties everything up.
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