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Under Cover


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Under Cover by Wyndham Martyn, Roi Cooper Megrue







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Under Cover


(3 Reviews)
A young woman, desperate to save her smuggler sister, joins the United States customs secret service.

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t the same thing."

"Not by a long shot," Steven Denby agreed. "But," he added, "why should you want to take the sort of risks that I have had to take, when there's no need? I have been in danger pretty often, Monty, and I shall again. Why? Because I have my living to make and that way suits me best. You notice I am sitting with my back to the wall so that none can come behind me. I do that because two revengeful gentlemen have sworn bloodthirsty oaths to relieve my soul of its body."

Monty tingled with a certain pleasurable apprehension which had never before visited him. He was experiencing in real life what had only revealed itself before in novels or on the stage.

"What are they like?" he demanded in a low voice, looking around.

"Disappointing, I'm afraid," Steven answered. "You are looking for a tall man with a livid scar running from temple to chin and a look before which evena waiter would blanch. Both my men have mild expressions and wouldn't attract a second glance, but the


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Kimberly Packard

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The story was good but easy to predict. For me, the way it was narrated keep me as an observer from outside never let me connect with the story, something in the writing style, but could have been just me.
Part romance, part thriller, part farce, this story follows Monty Vaughan, bored heir to a fortune, and his old school friend, Steven Denby, whom he encounters in Paris. Monty's desire for excitement leads Steve to invite him to help smuggle a costly pearl necklace through U.S. customs, despite his knowledge that a top Secret Service agent, code-named R.J., has been detailed for a special investigation.

Good characterizations make this a fun read, and even when the plot turns somewhat unlikely, it just comes off as Wodehousian humor. The conclusion, perhaps too heavily foreshadowed, becomes obvious before the novel's end, but that's not enough to spoil things.
Light and frothy fun. It starts out trying to look serious but can't keep up the pose. Who is who and what is what? It brings an entirely new meaning to the question, "Would you like a cigarette, Dick?" I found it to be fun escapism. Enjoy!