The Mysterious Card

The Mysterious Card


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The Mysterious Card by Cleveland Moffett







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The Mysterious Card


(1 Review)

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l he dreaded the approach of the day when he should decipher its awful meaning.

One afternoon, less than a week after his arrival in New York, as he was crossing Twenty-third Street on the way to his French teacher, he saw a carriage rolling up Broadway. In the carriage was a face that caught his attention like a flash. As he looked again he recognized the woman who had been the cause of his undoing. Instantly he sprang into another cab and ordered the driver to follow after. He found the house where she was living. He called there several times; but always received the same reply, that she was too much engaged to see anyone. Next he was told that she was ill, and on the following day the servant said she was much worse. Three physicians had been summoned in consultation. He sought out one of these and told him it was a matter of life or death that he see this woman. The doctor was a kindly man and promised to assist him. Through his influence, it came about that on that very night Burwell stood by the

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A riddle of a mystery with no solution in this story. The solution is in The Mysterious Card Unveiled, which should be read immediately after this story.
A New York businessman in Paris is given a card with handwriting in French. Every person he asks to translate the writing is horrified by it and treats the businessman as a monster.
The story is quite well done and sets up a puzzle that baffles the reader.
Kathrin Hutson - Messed-up heroes, Excruciating circumstances, and Happily Never Afters
FEATURED AUTHOR - International Bestselling Author Kathrin Hutson has been writing Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and LGBTQ Speculative Fiction since 2000. With her wildly messed-up heroes, excruciating circumstances, impossible decisions, and Happily Never Afters, she’s a firm believer in piling on the intense action, showing a little character skin, and never skimping on violent means to bloody ends.