Contamination Crew

Contamination Crew


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Contamination Crew by Alan Edward Nourse







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Contamination Crew


(2 Reviews)
Orders were orders! The creature had to be killed.But just how does one destroy the indestructible?

Book Excerpt

man. "Unless they're sub-microscopic, and I'd need an electron-peeker to tell you that."

"No organ systems?"

"Not even an integument. You saw how slippery he looked? That's why. There's nothing holding him in but energy."

"Now, look," said Stone. "He eats, doesn't he? He must have waste materials of some sort."

Bowman shook his head unhappily. "Sorry. No urates. No nitrates. No CO{2}. Anyway, he doesn't eat because he has nothing to eat with. He absorbs. And that includes the lining of the tanks, which he seems to like as much as the contents. He doesn't bore those holes he makes--he dissolves them."

They sent Bowman back to quarters for a hot bath and a shot of Happy-O and looked up Hrunta, the biochemist.

Hrunta was glaring at paper electrophoretic patterns and pulling out chunks of hair around his bald spot. He gave them a snarl and shoved a sheaf of papers into their hands.

"Metabolic survey?" Jenkins asked.

"Plus," said Hrunta. "Yo

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A decent very short read. In what sort of container do you store the universal solvent?

Or something similar thereto.
A scout ship picks up a blob that consumes everything, organic and inorganic. The doctors aboard are at a loss of how to kill the thing before it eats the ship.

The story exists for the ending, but even at that, it's a mundane story.
Marti Ward - Drama, Action, and Near-Future Technologies
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