Oh, You Tex!

Oh, You Tex!


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Oh, You Tex! by William MacLeod Raine







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Oh, You Tex!


(2 Reviews)
This tale takes its title from one Jack Roberts, a Texas ranger in the old days of the Civil War, who was known to his friends as "Tex." Seldom has a more attractive character been presented, or one whose adventures with bad men, Mexicans, and Indians are more thrilling. Mr. Raine knows the country and the people of which he writes, and the book is as vivid and realistic as it is absorbing--tense with gun-play, stirring exploits, and with a charming romance interwoven with its strenuous incidents. It is just the book for everyone who craves the wild, free life of the old-time West.

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d what might pass for "Howdy!" if one were an optimist.

Roberts explained his presence by saying: "You sent for me, Mr. Wadley."

"H'm! That durned fool York done bust his laig. Think you can take a herd up the trail to Tascosa?"

"Yes, sir."

"That's the way all you brash young colts talk. But how many of 'em will you lose on the way? How sorry will they look when you deliver the herd? That's what I'd like to know."

Jack Roberts was paying no attention to the grumbling of his boss--for a young girl had come out of the house. She was a slim little thing, with a slender throat that carried the small head like the stem of a rose. Dark, long-lashed eyes, eager and bubbling with laughter, were fixed on Wadley. She had slipped out on tiptoe to surprise him. Her soft fingers covered his eyes.

"Guess who!" she ordered.

"Quit yore foolishness," growled the cattleman. "Don't you-all see I'm talkin' business?" But the line-rider observed that his arm encircled the waist of

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Lack of Political Correctness abounds in this fast moving story which portrays the accountability that must occur between the honest toughness of good-men and the brutal greed of the bad. As with most good stories of this ilk it includes the devotion of a rancher's beautiful daughter; towards both sides as and when it is found to be necessary.

Easily read this book flows well and would excite anyone with an interest in the tales of the American old-time West
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