An Arkansas Planter

An Arkansas Planter


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An Arkansas Planter by Opie Percival Read



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An Arkansas Planter


(1 Review)

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is resentful stiffening of the shoulders.

"Louise, it can't be. No argument and no appeal can bring it about. It makes me shudder to think of it. Really I can't understand it. The situation to me is most unnatural. But I won't be harsh with you. But I must say that I don't know where you get your stubbornness. No, I won't be harsh. Let me tell you what I will agree to do. He may come to this house and stay here until--may stay here and the best of care shall be taken of him, and you may nurse him, but you must not bear his name. Will you agree to this?"

She shook her head. She had wiped away her tears and her eyes were strong and determined. "After conceding so much I don't see why you should refuse the vital point," she said.

"I can tell you why, and I am afraid that I must."

"Don't be afraid; simply tell me."

"But, daughter, it would seem cruel."

"Not if I demand it."

"Then you do demand it? Well, you shall know. His father served a term in the Louisiana peni

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I am a fan of Opie Read but this is not one of my favorites. The story doesn’t follow a strong plot. There is a romance interest, spends the majority of time on relations between neighbors in a village, and finalizes in a violent dispute with African American residence. As with Opie Read’s other stories, you are insured that the lovers get together at the end and there’s a happy ending.
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