Mrs. Piper & the Society for Psychical Research

Mrs. Piper & the Society for Psychical Research


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Mrs. Piper & the Society for Psychical Research by Michael Sage







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Mrs. Piper & the Society for Psychical Research


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Translated & slightly abridged from the French of M. Sage by Noralie Robertson, with a preface by Sir Oliver Lodge.

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ety, to which they are also allowed to invite friends. They are further entitled to purchase the Proceedings of the Society issued previous to their joining it,--and also additional copies of any Part or Volume,--at half their published price.

Members have the additional privileges of borrowing books from the Library, and of voting in the election of the Council, and at all meetings of the Society.

A contents sheet of the whole series of Proceedings may be had on application to the Secretary, 20 Hanover Square, London, W.


[2] Any reports or papers which may be printed in the Proceedings will become the Society's property; but author or authors will be entitled to receive 50 copies of any such report or paper gratis, and additional copies, if required, at a small charge.

Mrs Piper

and the

Society for Psychical Research


Mrs Piper's mediumship--Is mediumship a neurosis?

Mrs Piper is what the spiritualists call a medium, and what the English psychologists call an automatist, which is to say, a person who appears at times to lend her organism to beings imperceptible to our senses, in order to enable t

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Wonderful expose of the skeptics mindset!In a scenario resembling James Randi\'s stalking conviction by Uri Geller, which led to Randi\'s expulsion from CSICOP as he attracted too many lawsuits, Dr Hodgson the second most leading hard nosed skeptic of the 19th century, never left top medium Mrs Leonora Piper alone, for 15 yrs. For the expectation she would cheat by reading a newspaper or secretly direct legions of detectives to anticipate the personal details of her next sitters, that she never knew in advance. Dr Hodsgon even moved her to another country so she wouldn\'t know any confederates. Still, spirits of the deceased made contact thru Mrs Piper, with hundreds of sitters who verified the connections.
The greatest skeptic of all was Prof Hyslop who comically wore masks, even approaching from a carriage, spoke in an assumed voice, always sat behind the medium to prevent cold reading, and from just 16 sessions produced 650 pages of scientific commentary, which you don\'t have to face, dear reader. For this delighful book is a summary of how the worlds two greatest skeptics, after decades of testing Mrs Piper, finally surrendered and happily abandoned their protocols and chatted with their deceased relatives thru Mrs Piper. Both of these two highly regarded arch skeptics insisted that survival after death was scientifically proven beyond any doubt and skeptics should no longer be listened to.
These two men proved the value of personal experience that so many skeptics today,lack.

Incidentally a deceased skeptic friend of Dr Hodgson plays a significant role thru Mrs Piper, greatly improving the verification. A wonderful summary of decades of meticulous research is this book.