Diplomatic Immunity

Diplomatic Immunity


(4 Reviews)
Diplomatic Immunity by Robert Sheckley







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Diplomatic Immunity


(4 Reviews)
He said he wasn't immortal—but nothing could kill him. Still, if the Earth was to live as a free world, he had to die.

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mbassador stated, "is a measure of the status of their civilization. Stage one is the use of simple physical extensions. Stage two is control at the molecular level. You are on the threshold of stage three, although still far from mastery of atomic and subatomic forces." He smiled ingratiatingly. "My people are reaching the limits of stage five."

"What would that be?" Darrig asked.

"You'll find out," the Ambassador said. "But perhaps you've wondered if my powers are typical? I don't mind telling you that they're not. In order for me to do my job and nothing more, I have certain built-in restrictions, making me capable only of passive action."

"Why?" Darrig asked.

"For obvious reasons. If I were to take positive action in a moment of anger, I might destroy your entire planet."

"Do you expect us to believe that?" Cercy asked.

"Why not? Is it so hard to understand? Can't you believe that there are forces you know nothing about? And there is another reason for my passiven

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A pretty good, but short story. The only real problem is that the author didn't know how to properly end it, so it's rather unsatisfying how quickly and artificially it's closed.
I couldn't shake the feeling that ambassador was impossible and the solution wouldn't work. Just an okay pulp story.
A very interesting tale of
problem-solving. Four earthmen against an extra-terrestrial empire and their indestructible envoy.
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