Loot of the Void

Loot of the Void


(2 Reviews)
Loot of the Void by Edwin K. Sloat







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Loot of the Void


(2 Reviews)
Into the Trap-Door City of great spiders goes Penrun after the hidden plunder of the space-pirate Halkon.

Book Excerpt

n he looked down on the plateau just below the Trap-Door City he laughed triumphantly. There sat the long black-hulled space craft he had seen overhauling the liner.

But a moment later he shook his head dubiously. Too brazen, that landing. It was almost in the insect city. Of course, the ship was large and heavily armed with ray-guns which poked out their sharp snouts here and there about the hull. None the less, an experienced explorer of Titan would never have flung such defiance at the spiders.

The city was feverishly alive with the monsters now. They gathered in groups to stare down at the strange craft, then raced away again, darting in and out of their trap-door homes and streaking here and there across the twisted, tortured granite of the mountainside. The Queen's palace, a vast, raised cocoon of shimmering, silken web, was a veritable bee-hive. Something was brewing!

Abruptly the trap-door homes vomited forth monstrous insects by the thousands which spread with prodigious speed al

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Serious melodrama combined with outlandish and unbelievable science, this story almost needs to be read with tongue in cheek. Despite the drawbacks, it managed to keep my interest. The ending was a bit of a disappointment.

Join our hero as he fights giant intelligent spiders on Titan to rescue an ancient treasure.
This is a better story than Sloat's Space Rover, but that's not saying much. The space pirates are long dead but Penrun, the grandson of the worst of them, has part of the treasure map to grandad's loot. He's in a race to Titan trying to beat the guys with the other part to the prize.

It's space opera. The moral issues are beat the badguys and rescue the girl. Miracles necessary to the plot happen without comment. I most enjoyed the welding spiders.