Gees' First Case

Gees' First Case


(4 Reviews)
Gees' First Case by E. Charles Vivian







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Gees' First Case


(4 Reviews)

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ry, is not aided by that type, for she was innocent of Mata Hari allure or suggestiveness. He was deliberating over other possibilities when she turned her head and nearly caught him studying her: she did not quite catch him at it.

"Are you one of the Shropshire Greens?" she asked abruptly.

"No, just a Green Green," he answered. "You know--family supplied the name, and Providence weighed in with the nature."

"I once met a man on the boat who talked so much about the Shropshire Greens," she explained. "Forgive the question."

"Oh, easily," he assured her. "Did you say the boat, though?"

"A cross-channel boat," she explained again, but managed to convey by her tone that she did not like the question. Gees divined that her admission of having been abroad was involuntary, and already regretted. Yet everybody went abroad nowadays: there could be nothing in it.

"I didn't know there were any special Shropshire Greens," he observed, with a view to putting her at her e

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I was a little bored when reading the first part of the story but then I got hooked when I got to the middle part. Not the best detective story that I've read but it's entertaining enough.
The narrative is somewhat irregular. Good in general but there are times when the author explains too much too many times.
The grotesquely portraited communists leave a vivid image, and a very present-day like, this I loved even more than the excellent plot, with original ideas.
A clever and necessary book.
Great read!! Very British and extremely well written. I love the Gees character and cannot wait to read more of him.
PLEASE give us all 8 Gees books!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
More Gees please! He's fun. I'm not going to give away the plot. It is a fun read, strictly escapist. There is a series of eight (I think) books featuring Gees of which this is the first. I would like to read more of them. He is an interesting character and well worth investigation. Actually, I liked the character so much that the "mystery" part of the book was of less interest than Gees himself. The second book in the series, "Grey Shapes," is also listed here on Manybooks. I hope we'll soon see all eight. Enjoy!