The 4-D Doodler

The 4-D Doodler


(3 Reviews)
The 4-D Doodler by Graph Waldeyer







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The 4-D Doodler


(3 Reviews)
Do you believe, Professor Gault, that this four dimensional plane contains life--intelligent life?

Book Excerpt

He stared blankly at Harper, then his hands slowly came up to clutch at his stomach.

Harper looked quickly at the desk top.

"The other orange," he gasped. "It's gone!"

"Into--my--stomach!" groaned Pillbot. "Be--be careful what you do! My God, don't do anything. Don't even think. This--this four dimensional creature will surely imitate whatever you do in some weird manner."

Rubbing his stomach, Pillbot glanced about at the various articles of furniture. He blanched. "I wouldn't want any of that stuff inside of me," he yammered.

Harper flicked a despairing glance at the half-body, now gliding along in the vicinity of the paper cutout.

"We--we must do something to get the Professor back," he said worriedly.

* * * * *

He thought incongruously of a restaurant where he used to order lemon pie--and invariably get apple. Finally he found that he could get lemon by ordering peach. Now the problem was, what did he have to "order" to get his employer extricated fro

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Two mathmaticians and a psychologist attract the attention of a fourth dimensional being. In it's way, the story is as interesting as Edwin Abbott's Flatland. A fun read.
Quite an interesting story when it comes to light reading. The style is rather clunky at times, and it seems to wrap up too quickly, but the descriptions are inspired. For being as short as it is, though, it's rather nice.
This is a very interesting short story about the forth demotion. Even though it was written in 1941 it has some plosable ideas in it. I hope you will enjoy this story as much as I have
Roberta Kagan - Inspired by Holocaust Survivors
FEATURED AUTHOR - Roberta Kagan is an USA Today Best Selling Author of Historical Jewish Fiction mainly set during World War 2. Her father was Romany and her mother was Jewish, When she was very young, she learned about the Holocaust. She couldn't understand how something like this could happen. So, she began to research and learn more. She met with survivors. She even met with children and grandchildren of SS officers. She realized that soon all of the survivors will be gone. Their message must be remembered,… Read more