Raiders of the Universes

Raiders of the Universes


(3 Reviews)
Raiders of the Universes by Donald A. Wandrei





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Raiders of the Universes


(3 Reviews)
Childlike, the great astronomer Phobar stands before the metallic invaders of the ravished solar system.

Book Excerpt

here, if only to get away.

The ground and the sky were like a dying fire. The sun seemed a half-dead cinder. Only the great swathe of radiance between the sun and the dark star had any brilliance. Sinister, menacing, now larger even than the sun, the invader from beyond hung in the heavens.

As Phobar watched it, the air around him prickled strangely. A sixth sense gave warning. He turned to race back into his house. His legs failed. A fantastic orange light bathed him, countless needles of pain shot through his whole body, the world darkened.

* * * * *

Earth had somehow been blotted out. There was a brief blackness, the nausea of space and of a great fall that compressed eternity into a moment. Then a swimming confusion, and outlines which gradually came to rest.

Phobar was too utterly amazed to cry out or run. He stood inside the most titanic edifice he could have imagined, a single gigantic structure vaster than all New York City. Far overhead swept a black roof fading int

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I cannot grasp how anyone rated this story beyond a single star. There's hardly a plot, almost no conversation, and the only two characters are cardboard. The story is mostly narrative, and full of goofy-science references. And, just how believable is it that an Earthman single-handedly defeats an entire race of beings that are the masters of time, space, and multiple universes? Give me a break.
Well, the invaders come from a universe with different elements and physics, so they can do things in our universe that no one else can. Which means the author can have them do anything he wants and have it make sense.

It's an okay story, just leave your laws of physics at the door.
(1932) Sci-fi (Alien Invasion) / Adventure

From 'Astounding Stories' September 1932.

R: ****

Plot bullets

It's the 34th century.
New stars are appearing with mathematical precision. Other stars are rearranging in the heavens.
Now the outer planets are moving.
Now a new dark planet appears: a planet invader.
The dark planet is sucking energy from the stars and Earth's sun.
Can one man and an ancient language save the Universe?