New Chronicles of Rebecca

New Chronicles of Rebecca


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New Chronicles of Rebecca by Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin







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New Chronicles of Rebecca


(1 Review)
Additional episodes in the girlhood of the delightful little heroine at Riverboro which were not included in the story of "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," and they are as characteristic and delightful as any part of that famous story. Rebecca is as distinct a creation in the second volume as in the first.

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ce things come into my head out here by myself, I do wish I could run up and put them down in my thought book before I forget them, but Aunt Miranda wouldn't like me to leave off weeding:--

Rebecca was weeding the hollyhock bed When wonderful thoughts came into her head. Her aunt was occupied with the rolling pin And the thoughts of her mind were common and thin.

That wouldn't do because it's mean to Aunt Miranda, and anyway it isn't good. I MUST crawl under the syringa shade a minute, it's so hot, and anybody has to stop working once in a while, just to get their breath, even if they weren't making poetry.

Rebecca was weeding the hollyhock bed When marvelous thoughts came into her head. Miranda was wielding the rolling pin And thoughts at such times seemed to her as a sin.

How pretty the hollyhock rosettes look from down here on the sweet, smelly ground!

"Let me see what would go with rosetting. AIDING AND ABETTING, PETTING, HEN-SETTING, FRETTING,--there's nothing very nice

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Can you tell me how many copies of New Chronicles of REBECCA were made?I have one From Elizabeth and Marine. To: Teddy, Nineteen hundred Thirteen was the date they wrote as given to Teddy. And on the back page of the book it say's 50 of 455. Pubilished By:GROSSET & DUNLAP Publishers. And it's in perfict Condition, other than the turning of the color of the pages. If you can send me any information on the book I would be very Thankful. Sincerely, Kathy Barnes
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