Uneasy Money

Uneasy Money


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Uneasy Money by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse





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Uneasy Money


(1 Review)

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et us go into all that again! I'm not going to marry on four hundred a year and spend the rest of my life in a pokey little flat on the edge of London. Why can't you make more money?'

'I did have a dash at it, you know. I waylaid old Bodger--Colonel Bodger, on the committee of the club, you know--and suggested over a whisky-and-soda that the management of Brown's would be behaving like sportsmen if they bumped my salary up a bit, and the old boy nearly strangled himself trying to suck down Scotch and laugh at the same time. I give you my word, he nearly expired on the smoking-room floor. When he came to he said that he wished I wouldn't spring my good things on him so suddenly, as he had a weak heart. He said they were only paying me my present salary because they liked me so much. You know, it was decent of the old boy to say that.'

'What is the good of being liked by the men in your club if you won't make any use of it?'

'How do you mean?'

'There are endless things you could do.

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(1917) Humor / Romance
Plot bullets

There is an engaged boy and girl living in England. Both go on individual trips to America., for different reasons and unknown to each other.
There is a man and wife, in America, who host the girl.
There is a sister and brother, in America, who hire the boy.
They end up in the country at farms close to each other.
Mishaps and confusion attend the perils of young love and the love of wealth.
Oh, did I mention the snake and the monkey?