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Cat Gilbert
What if you could do something no one else can?

It's a question that haunts author Cat Gilbert and one she explores in her books, all of which are based in reality with a touch of the paranormal. She calls them "psychic twists." Her readers call them "fantastic". Whatever you call them - they are what sets Cat's books apart from all the rest.

"I look at life and ask the 'what ifs'. What if your brain was just a little more developed? What if you carried a bit more electricity in your body?" Cat explains. "We're not talking superheroes or mutants here - no one sprouts wings or bursts into flames. These are just normal everyday people who happen to be able to do what others can't. It adds an intriguing aspect to Taylor's story and makes for some high adventure."

The "Taylor" to whom Cat is referring is the main character in her psychic thriller series. The series centers around Taylor Morrison, a private investigator whose life is turned upside down when she suddenly develops psychic abilities. Filled with characters you can connect with and a gripping plot, the books are chock-full of action and danger with enough twists and turns to keep you up all night reading.

While currently working on the next Taylor Morrison thriller, Cat has started a psychic mystery series featuring Molly McMurray: a smart savvy woman with a psychic twist of her own. His name is Kaegan and readers can't wait to meet him.

"I asked my readers what they like the best in the books and the number one answer was the psychic twist," Cat says with a grin. "Molly's twist is far different from Taylor's, but it's definitely there. I'm having a great time writing Molly's story and I think Taylor's fans will love her."

Having moved over 32 times, Cat now makes her home in Arkansas with her husband and their dog, Clancy. When she's not writing, she spends her time trying to figure out a way to keep the deer from eating her blackberries and fig trees, experimenting with new Paleo recipes, and attempting to convince Clancy that playtime has to wait until she finishes the chapter.
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