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This book is written in the time of WWI. It really documents the beginning of aircraft and subs. The aircraft section is quit informative. Covers the history of hot air balloons to first gliders. The history of adding power, building, types, an flying techniques of the age. Stories of the airmen and the ways they fought at the time first hand. Some of it covers to much of the airmen, but the thoughts of one of the Wright brothers was interesting. They clearly understood that planes were going to be used for war machines. But what they could use in peace time was not clear to them.

The submarine is just as interesting to read. Even in the times of Washington men were working on some type of underwater marine vehicle. Clearly the design of subs was altogether for war. Nothing really has come about for the commercial use of subs other than scientific work. Just as a tank subs are more war machines than any other type. Worth the read because its written from the times. The thoughts and ideas about the war and the two vehicles used come from different uses of today. Well written, to much time dealing with the pilots and their tactics, gives good history on flight and submarine development.
From the title you can certainly tell what you are about to read. Written in the style of the period, and full of unheard and lost phrases, quick and witty at times. Preachy and sometimes describes the problems in to many details. You get the idea clearly.

Some of the abominations are slothfullness, drinking, gambling, improper dress, dancing, news that has and ajenda and not news, etc. And example; he shows how late nighters in his time are the same trouble makers of today. The problems of his time are the same as today, just described in more flamboyant style of his period.

It is interesting to read and I will keep a copy for the fun of it.