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Iridos’s book reviews

Pretty amusing book - I wouldn't have thought I would like a book from 1925, but yes, it also had me laughing pretty hard at some times.

If you're looking for deep philosophical thoughts, then this is definitely not it, though.

What it *is*, is a smooth read, quite funny and perhaps a glimpse in the time about a 100 years back. Interesting language "these chappies" have, speaking of their "old mater" and parting with a toodle-oo".

Michael James Ploof - A Satirical High-Adventure Romp Through the Fantasy Genre
FEATURED AUTHOR - Michael Ploof spent his youth in the land of make-believe. School was a bore, and growing up in the "Boonies" without cable television forced him to use his imagination. If he wasn't holed up in his bedroom playing with his vast collection of action figures, he could be found in the forest with a wooden sword or staff in hand, battling the forces of evil. As an 80's kid, he was raised on a healthy diet of movies like Star Wars, The Neverending Story, Labyrinth, Goonies, and endless other… Read more