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"Hunting With the Bow and Arrow" is a true story about a doctor (Saxton Pope) and a Yana Indian “Ishi”. Ishi was found as the last remaining tribesman, brought ill to the doctor. They became friends. Ishi teaches the doctor forest-lore, hunting and bow-craft.

It’s possibly a bit heavy on the archery for someone not interested (but if you are even better). It also gives insight into traditional hunting methods. The initial (true) story about finding Ishi is absolutely fascinating, and overall the book is interesting, yet easy to read.
"Ghost Pirates" is the tale of a ship surrounded in mystery.

The story is explored through the experiences of the narrator "Jessop". He joins the ship for a return journey to England, knowing beforehand that strange things have happened previously. Most of the crew has left the ship, only one sailor is left who has knowledge of the goings-on, but is not keen to elaborate.

As the journey home unfolds, strange things appear at night, benign at first; but then things start to go amiss high-up in the rigging.

One of my most favourite parts, was the chase-down of something up in the sails during the dead of night. Sailors scramble up with only the meagre the light of a lantern, and the blue-white blaze of an occasional, frantically lit flare. Up and up the go, forcing back the darkness and unknown, only to find more than they bargined for.

At times I felt a bit confused interpreting the written accents of a few of the sailors, in particular (what I think was) the Scottish ones. Also the book jumps straight into sail and rigging terminology I had no idea of, but you quickly learn that "the royal" is one of the sails, and similiarly for other terms.

Overall this book is great, the story isn't very long, but once the narrator made his first "sighting" I was hooked.
I'd rather give it 9/10, than 5/5 though,
it's good, but not perfect.