Maki Matsui

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Maki Matsui
Born and raised in Japan, Maki Matsui has been a lifelong reader and writer, first in Japanese and then in English. She studied English at Williams College and vocal performance at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She makes her home in the hills of Western Massachusetts, where she is better known as a classical singer.

She has published two books—Back to Troy (2020) and Daisy Fields (2020)—and is currently working on her third title.
Daniel Norrish - A Savage and Sprawling Kidnap Thriller
FEATURED AUTHOR - Kidnapping interests Dan more than murder and other crimes, primarily because kidnapping can build more suspense. Are they dead? Are they being held prisoner? In "The Imposter," thirteen kidnap victims tell the story of their experiences with a masked vigilante. The reader is presented with the perspectives of the captives, most of whom are murdered before they can share their knowledge with anyone other than the reader. Dan is a disability support worker, and is currently writing a kidnap… Read more