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Review of "Survival Story" by Marita Balto
Reviewer: Martin Grundy 5th February 2021

It is hard to tell if this is a mistake, but the version of "Survival Story" by Marita Balto that I picked up is not ready for publication.

It is littered with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, missing words, malapropisms, logical inconsistencies and missing details. There is even one editing comment left in the text.

This is a shame, because the story is a good one. The author has a way with words. The pace is good. The style is simple and effective. Many of the descriptions of the sea, sunsets, illness and insects are very evocative. A knowledge of and a love for dogs shines through. But it seems that the writer has rushed to finish, in order to advertise her (admittedly very worthy) cause at the expense of a professional product.

For the book to be taken seriously, it needs thorough revision by a competent editor. This is not a matter of pedantry. The words of a novel should be metaphorically written on glass with the reader looking through the glass to the story unfolding in their imagination. When there is a mistake in the text, attention is diverted from the story to the text itself, which is disruptive and not what is required. In that sense, the words of the book should be invisible.

I am sure I would recommend a revised and corrected edition of "Survival Story".
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