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Sara’s book reviews

as a person from the other side and by the other side I mean an Arab Muslim , I have mixed feelings between disappointments and realizations . I have to say first , that we Arabs , muslims or non muslims are offended very easily , so excuse me for feeling that way . But as a person who knew her nation's history , that was full of acceptance to other religions all way long , especially during the Ottoman era . I fail to accept the whole concept of "Islamist Jihadis" who think that all Westerners are enemies, and just want to slaughter them all .

Yes of course there are those prejudiced people who don't like foreigners and consider them as infidels, but doesn't that happen almost everywhere?

I'm sorry to feel very disappointed in Sir Arthur's ideology , I'm not sure if it's the cause of a person's nature to stand with his country side weather it's acting right or wrong , or that he really was trying to get the Westerners to entertain the possibility of thinking the radical Islam is brutal and monster like . I really felt heartbroken by a writer that I have admired in every way .

At least the conspiracy theories that were made by the Frenchman are there , although described as imaginative by Doyle , they are not completely wrong . but I'm not here to speak politics cause it isn't my strong point I have to admit despite the fact that the whole book is based on that point .

It would have been better if we could extract his true intentions of the book , talking about poverty in Egypt wasn't that amusing either while England was full of those then.