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TJ Spencer Jacques
I'm a just guy from New Orleans who loves LSU Football, gumbo, and 12 hours alone to write. I have two published novels: Nine Notches (2018) & Burgundy Doubloons (2018.) My next release is called Infallible Vol 4: which will go live March 2019.

For four years I sat on my novels and obsessed over every little detail. Finally, it was my mom who screamed at me "publish the damn books!" And so, I'm publishing the damn books. Here's everything I've hoarded on my laptop, and I hope one of my books will find a home on your nightstand or coffee table.

I hope my New Orleans novels transport you to the beautiful place I call home.
Susana Aikin - Epic Historical Romance During Bolshevik Revolution
FEATURED AUTHOR - Born in Spain of an English father and a Spanish mother, Susana Aikin is a writer and a filmmaker who has lived and worked in New York City since 1982. She was educated in both England and Spain; studied law at the University of Madrid, and later Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. In 1986, she started her own independent film production company, Starfish Productions, producing and directing documentary films that won her multiple awards, including an American Film… Read more