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Z.L. Arkadie
Z.L. Arkadie has been an author since July 2011, debuting with her Parched series. She has been a best-selling author in the iBooks store, holding the top spot for two weeks with her LOVE in the USA, series, which is still her most popular series to date. Currently she has written 34 novels, which span five series, and is now working on her 6th romance series. She enjoys merging erotic romance with a solid mystery. Her favorite characters to write are sexy, intense and brooding men who find love with beautiful, independent and smart women.

When she’s not writing, she loves to cook and read good books, which have the power to take her somewhere she’s never been.
Camilla Chance - A Coming of Age Story With a Twist
FEATURED AUTHOR - Camilla Chance was born in London in 1940 and moved to Australia as a young girl. She wrote her first novel at 18 but her father forced her to withdraw from this contract as she was still legally his "property" until she was 21. She kept writing, however. She graduated in Arts from Melbourne University. Wisdom Man, was her instant Australian bestseller and winner of USABookNews.com Award for best multicultural work.