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Modern English Mystery Stories

Author: Various Authors
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My Own True Ghost Story
The Sending of Dana Da
In the House of Suddhoo
His Wedded Wife

A. CONAN DOYLE (1859-)
A Case of Identity
A Scandal in Bohemia
The Red-Headed League

The Baron's Quarry

The Fowl in the Pot

The Pavilion on the Links

The Dream Woman

The Lost Duchess
The Minor Canon
The Pipe
The Puzzle
The Great Valdez Sapphire

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ourse; but so many men have died mad in dak-bungalows that there must be a fair percentage of lunatic ghosts.

In due time I found my ghost, or ghosts rather, for there were two of them. Up till that hour I had sympathized with Mr. Besant's method of handling them, as shown in "The Strange Case of Mr. Lucraft and Other Stories." I am now in the Opposition.

We will call the bungalow Katmal dak-bungalow. But THAT was the smallest part of the horror. A man with a sensitive hide has no right to sleep in dak-bungalows. He should marry. Katmal dak- bungalow was old and rotten and unrepaired. The floor was of worn brick, the walls were filthy, and the windows were nearly black with grime. It stood on a bypath largely used by native Sub-Deputy Assistants of all kinds, from Finance to Forests; but real Sahibs were rare. The khansamah, who was nearly bent double with old age, said so.

When I arrived, there was a fitful, undecided rain on the face of the land, accompanied by a restless wind, and every g

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