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Author: Boyd Ellanby (William Clouser Boyd)
Published: 1952
Language: English
Wordcount: 16,702 / 55 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 86.9
LoC Category: PS
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Man, it would appear, can adapt to any form of society ... but not one in which the knowledge of extending life becomes a passport to death!

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guard out there, will you?" Closing the door, he turned on the ventilator and sat down beside Dr. Haslam.

"Why all the melodrama?" Karl asked, baffled. "First you call me by emergency code, then you hole in like a conspirator. I'm beginning to think you're a great loss to Theater. What's happened? Why is it later than I think?"

"Do you take everything as a joke, Karl?"

"Certainly, until I'm forced to do otherwise. What's worrying you?"

"I'm afraid of being arrested for treason. Don't laugh! This morning I received a message, delivered in person by our old schoolmate Lanza, to report to Leader Marley on Wednesday, and Marley hasn't paid any attention to me since he last inspected our lab, years ago. For another thing, Leah Hachovnik is making a nuisance of herself with her curiosity about my affairs. If she weren't so clumsy about her prying, I'd almost believe she was under orders to spy on me."

Karl moved impatiently. "I hope you're not turning psychotic. You have a clean r


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Paulo Respighi

Good story, if rather sexist (every scientist, leader, and guard is male).
In a U.S. that is fascist, totalitarian, and extremely stratified, it is treason to work or study outside your class (offenders are killed or sent to Vermont). Dr. Wong has accidentally discovered a way to stop aging, and circumstances are going to expose his secret. But he has a plan. And a secret passage.

Good characterizations and plotting, even a halfway convincing explanation of the age arresting process.

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