Medea of Euripides

translated into English rhyming verse with explanatory notes by Gilbert Murray

Author: Euripides
Published: 1912
Language: English
Wordcount: 21,387 / 68 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 95.7
LoC Category: PA
Downloads: 2,496
Added to site: 2011.08.30 30675
Genre: Classic

Medea plots her revenge after being betrayed and left by her husband Jason. This classic tragedy takes place at Corinth and has been much appreciated through the centuries.

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'Tis nothing. Best forget what thou hast heard.


Nay, housemate, by thy beard! Hold it not hid From me. . . . I will keep silence if thou bid.


I heard an old man talking, where he sate At draughts in the sun, beside the fountain gate, And never thought of me, there standing still Beside him. And he said, 'Twas Creon's will, Being lord of all this land, that she be sent, And with her her two sons, to banishment. Maybe 'tis all false. For myself, I know No further, and I would it were not so.


Jason will never bear it--his own sons Banished,--however hot his anger runs Against their mother!


Old love burneth low When new love wakes, men say. He is not now Husband nor father here, nor any kin.


But this is ruin! New waves breaking in To wreck us, ere we are righted from the old!


Well, hold thy peace. Our mistress will be told All in good time. Speak thou no word her

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