Alphabetical Vocabularies of the Clallum and Lummi

Author: George Gibbs
Published: 1863
Language: English
Wordcount: 11,019 / 52 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 88.4
LoC Category: P
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merganser), ho-[=o]k'w.

GOOSE, yükh´ho-na.

GRANDFATHER, sé-ya, tchütt.


GRASS, s'hats-ai; mat grass for thread, klütl.

GREASE or oil, smüts.

GREBE (podiceps), kla-ái-kün.

GREEN, ün-tlútlh, an-nu-klikhtl.

GROUSE (tetrao obscurus), gné-et; (tetrao umbellus), ste´yu-h[=u]ng.

GUILLEMOT, sas-sé-mats.

GULL, ku-té-ük, kwün-né.

GUM, pitch, tché-ükh.


HAIL, chit-la-hái-sin.

HAIR, si-at´tn.

HAIQUA (the dentalium), klets´-chin.

HALF, il-chukh´.

HALIBUT, s'h[=o]t'h, ts[=o]t'h.

HAND, s'ch-hats´.

HARD, ko-sang´.

HARE, rabbit, ka-káit-se.

HAUL, to, ho-kwut´.

HAT, s'ches´euk'h.


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