On the Future of our Educational Institutions

Published: 1910
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e forces which we hold to be deleterious are so opposed to the eternal purpose of nature as the concentration of education for the few is in harmony with it, and is true, whereas the first two forces could succeed only in founding a culture false to the root.


[1] Selbstverständlich = "granted or self-understood."

[2] The Poems of Goethe. Edgar Alfred Bowring's Translation. (Ed. 1853.)



(Delivered on the 16th of January 1872.)

Ladies and Gentlemen,--The subject I now propose to consider with you is such a serious and important one, and is in a sense so disquieting, that, like you, I would gladly turn to any one who could proffer some information concerning it,--were he ever so young, were his ideas ever so improbable--provided that he were able, by the exercise of his own faculties, to furnish some satisfactory and sufficient explanation. It is just possible tha

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