Val d'Arno

Ten Lectures on the Tuscan Art Directly Antecedent to the Florentine Year of Victories

Author: John Ruskin
Published: 1873
Language: English
Wordcount: 50,445 / 152 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 66.2
LoC Category: N
Downloads: 1,064 6030
Genres: Essays, Art

fore elsewhere; of Naturalism, and all that follows. Generally of truth, common-sense, simplicity, vitality,--and of all these, with consummate power. A man to be enquired about, is not he? and will it not make a difference to you whether you look, when you travel in Italy, in his rough early marbles for this fountain of life, or only glance at them because your Murray's Guide tells you,--and think them "odd old things"?

19. We must look for a moment more at one odd old thing--the sarcophagus which was his tutor. Upon it is carved the hunting of Meleager; and it was made, or by tradition received as, the tomb of the mother of the Countess Matilda. I must not let you pass by it without noticing two curious coincidences in these particulars. First, in the Greek subject which is given Niccola to read.

The boar, remember, is Diana's enemy. It is sent upon the fields of Calydon in punishment of the refusal of the Calydonians to sacrifice to her. 'You have refused _me_,' she said; 'you will not have Artemis L

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