Books Like After Wimbledon

Books Like After Wimbledon

Tennis requires both mental and physical skills, which often results in tense matches on the courts and a lot of preparation behind the scenes. This also means that players' personal lives and struggles can have a massive impact on their performance. In addition, tennis is known as a sport where intense rivalries can be formed and even dramatic fallouts between two players on the same team. Although fictional books about the world of tennis are less numerous than those for other sports, plenty of authors have enthralled readers with tennis-themed tales. From romance and action to thrillers and even murder mysteries, chances are good that there's a tale involving tennis. For example, in After Wimbledon by Jennifer Gilby Roberts, Lucy Bennett is a veteran who has been on the pro tennis tour for twelve years. Unfortunately, her attempts at real life and real love cause all kinds of drama on and off the court. For more stories where tennis plays a starring role, check out the following books like After Wimbledon.

Game of Love

By Ara Grigorian

Game of Love is a second-chance contemporary sports romance by Ara Grigorian. Gemma Lennon is a tennis champion who cannot afford another misstep after a public scandal and the worst loss of her career. With the paparazzi still hounding her, she knows she has to keep her eyes on the price and focus on winning a grand slam. Unfortunately, a world-traveling genius consultant named Andre Reyes shows up at the worst possible time to distract Gemma with the possibility of love. Faced with a shot at the glory she's always craved or a shot at love, which is something she's never had time for, Gemma has to make the most critical choice of her life. 

Moving in Stereo

By Tom Trondson

Moving in Stereo by Tom Trondson is set in 1996 and stars a tennis professional named Richard Blanco. The enigmatic Richard enjoys a late-career run and even makes it to the Wimbledon quarterfinals. However, nobody knows that Richard hears voices in his head, including those of the long-dead punk rocker Luke Scream. While his performance on the court might be brilliant, the escalating chatter in his head might put an end to his career. Moving in Stereo is written by Tom Trondson, who has taught tennis all over the world, and he used this firsthand knowledge to write his debut novel. 

Game of Edges

By Kent Allen

Game of Edges by Kent Allen follows the career of Amanda Foster, the world's number one female tennis player. Amanda has the looks, the fame, and the wealth, so while preparing for the most important match of her career, she's confident that she will win and cement her place in history. However, her opponent, Sophie Moffat, is an unassuming farm girl from the middle of nowhere who achieved the impossible to make it as far as she did. Unfortunately, nobody could predict the outcome of the event and the effect that it would have on Amanda's life and career.

Carrie Soto is Back

By Taylor Jenkins Reid

Carrie Soto, the star of Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid, is one of the best players the game of tennis has ever seen. The cost of shattering every record and claiming twenty Grand Slam titles was high, but for Carrie, it was worth it. Her father, a former champion himself, trained Carrie since she was two years old, so when she retires at age thirty-one, she thinks she's done it all. Unfortunately, Carrie is stunned to see her record taken from her by a player named Nicki Chan six years later.  Although she is thirty-seven years old, Carrie decides to come out of retirement to be coached by her father one last year in an attempt to reclaim her record. 

Murder at Match Point

By Myrtle Morse

Murder at Match Point by Myrtle Morse shows that even tennis is not safe from a cozy murder mystery. When Serena Perry lies about the fact that she's a tennis pro to the person she is trying to impress in the name of love, she has no idea how severely it will come back to bite her. Her plan to take a crash course in tennis ends in disaster when another player is murdered, and Serena becomes the prime suspect. With no other choice, Serena has to figure out what the murderer's game plan is unless she wants to end up behind bars for a crime she didn't commit. 


By Orion Gregory

Faults by Orion Gregory stars Sydney Livingstone, a female tennis player struggling to make a living on the pro tennis circuit. Her beauty, optics, and quick wit draw people to her, but she struggles with a chronic injury that continues to hamper her. To make matters worse, Sydney finds herself the target of a stalker who might be someone from her past with a vendetta. A tennis tournament offers Sydney the opportunity to rise to new heights in the tennis world but also makes her a bigger target for the stalker. 

The Wild Card

By Judy Murray

The Wild Card by Judy Murray sees Abigail Patterson making her comeback in tennis twenty years after putting her dreams on hold to have her baby son, Robbie. A wild card entry to Wimbleton sees Abigail's dreams of lifting the trophy on center court inching closer to reality. Unfortunately, with the newfound fame comes closer scrutiny, and Abigail knows that if the press begins digging into her past, they will uncover a secret she has kept hidden for a long time. 

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