The Echoes of the Elk's Estate by William Mierzejewski

The Echoes of the Elk's Estate by William Mierzejewski

In an attempt to distance themselves from the traumatic events of the previous year, Liam and Boo are taken on a trip to explore their dad’s beautiful hometown. However, it quickly becomes necessary for them to once again work together and solve a deadly mystery.

Life has somewhat returned to normal for Liam and Boo since last year, despite the recurring dreams that haunt Liam. But when the family sells their lake house and sets out on a road trip, it becomes apparent that all is not right in Doylestown. Even before they hit the road, their dad is troubled by dreams, and once they arrive, things start to happen that neither Liam nor Boo can ignore.

Their Aunt Claire is the head volunteer of the restoration group for the crumbling local manor house, Elk’s Estate. Trouble arises when the restoration stalls after a local boy named Jerald dies there after breaking in with his friend Reggie. Storms come out of nowhere, deadly accidents occur, and people go missing. The only person present when Jerald died, is convinced that a mysterious Shadow Man is to blame and that he is out to get him. Liam and Boo will need to team up with their cousins and some local friends to figure out what exactly is going on this time.

The Echoes of the Elk's Estate by William Mierzejewski is the second installment in the Liam and Boo series, taking place one year after the events of the first book. While reading the first installment isn’t strictly necessary for enjoying and understanding The Echoes of the Elk's Estate, the story is a direct follow-up, and the main characters are all definitively affected by the events at Iron River. Thanks to in-world discussions and character analysis of the previous events, new readers will have no problem picking up this second installment, and returning readers will get a solid (but not overly detailed) recap.

Any fans of the first Liam and Boo book will enjoy this follow-up featuring the dynamic duo. Equally, newcomers to the series who enjoy supernatural mysteries in the Teen and Young Adult genre will find a great story and likable characters in this book. The story is aimed at readers ten years old and up, and it has enough excitement for that whole age range to enjoy.

The Echoes of the Elk's Estate is a fun and fast-paced story with a great set of characters and an engaging plot.

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