Books Like The Deadline

Books Like The Deadline

 Journalists and reporters are not only passionate about writing but also about connecting the dots and uncovering the truth that others might never have noticed. However, not everyone is thrilled about their dark secrets getting exposed, meaning these professionals often place themselves in danger while pursuing a story. This combination has made them popular for authors who write mysteries and thrillers, as they can put their lead character amid all the intrigue. For example, in The Deadline by Kiki Swinson, a news journalist named Khloé Mercer has a chance to make a name for herself when a murder takes place on her home turf. Unfortunately, her ambition makes her a target for those trying to clean up loose ends. For more stories where journalists take the lead role, check out the following books like The Deadline.

The Poet

By Michael Connelly



The Poet by Michael Connely features a crime reporter, Jack McEvoy, who works for Rocky Mountain News. Jack makes a living writing about crime and murder, but things become personal when his twin brother, Sean, is found dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot. Sean was a Denver homicide detective, and the cryptic note on his windshield leads Jack to believe that his brother died from murder and not suicide. Sean was also not the first cop to die in such a manner, and as Jack begins working with the FBI's Behavioral Science Section to uncover the truth, he finds himself in the crosshairs of the killer. 

The Journalist

By Dan Newman




The Journalist by Dan Newman is the story of Roland Keen, a journalist with a dark past. When he started out as a journalist, Roland struggled to find a big break, which caused him to orchestrate one of his own. Unfortunately, the robbery he orchestrated turned into a high-profile murder when it all went wrong. However, Keene got what he wanted, and his career took off even more after he broke a story on citywide corruption. However, it also garnered him powerful enemies amongst his colleagues. While working in war-torn Rwanda, Keen's past sins begin to catch up with him, forcing him to decide how far he will go to keep his secrets buried.

The Echo Killing

By Christi Daugherty


Echo Killing


Harper McClain is the crime reporter starring in The Echo Killing by Christi Daugherty. When Harper was only twelve years old, her mother was brutally murdered in their home. Since the killer was never found, it left Harper with an obsession that drove her to become one of the best crime reporters in Georgia. Harper spends her nights searching for criminals with the police but finds the latest homicide hauntingly familiar. Seeing the similarities with the murder of her own mother, Harper is convinced that it is the work of the same killer who has eluded justice for fifteen years. Determined not to let this senseless act of violence haunt another girl, she sets out to find the murderer despite the danger it puts her in.


By Dan Scottow




Damaged by Dan Scottow is set in a charming village in Hampshire, England. Emily Blake is a journalist who grew up in this charming town where everyone knew everybody, but her family moved away after the night Emily's friend Alice vanished. When a girl named Beckey Clarke disappears in a similar event, Emily returns to the town to investigate the story. In the process, she also tries to revisit Alice's case but soon finds that not everyone is keen on her uncovering the truth.

Thunder Bay

By Douglas Skelton




Thunder Bay by Douglas Skelton follows Scottish reporter Rebecca Connolly as she ventures to the island of Stoirm to investigate the return of a suspected murderer. Although Roddie Drummond was never convicted of the death of his girlfriend fifteen years earlier, many of the islanders still believe that he is guilty. Rebecca smells a story when she receives a tip about Roddie returning to Stoirm for his mother's funeral. She also has more personal reasons for going to Stoirm as her own father came from the island but never elaborated on what made him leave and never return. Rebecca defies her editor to travel to the island and joins forces with a local photographer to investigate the mystery surrounding Drummond's murdered girlfriend. However, tension on the island rises as Rebecca uncovers long-buried secrets. 

One Hundred Names

By Cecelia Ahern


One Hundred Names


One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern is the story of Kitty Logan, a reporter who loses her job after one of her stories turns out to be false and ruins a man's life. She also faces losing her career at the magazine where she got her start but managed to convince the new editor to let her write a tribute to Constance, the recently deceased founder of the magazine. Constance was the one who gave Kitty her big break and taught her everything she knew. Buried in her office is a sheet of paper with 100 names written on it. With no other notes or explanations, Kitty sets out to track down every person on the list and uncover their connection to Constance. 

Only the Hunted Run

By Neely Tucker



Only the Hunted Run is part of the Sully Carter series by Neely Tucker. Sully is a journalist who is on the scene when a madman goes on a shooting rampage in the Capitol building. The shooter is identified as a man named Terry Waters, but he evades capture and becomes obsessed with Sully. He goes as far as luring Sully into the streets of D.C. during the manhunt, but when he is finally caught, his rants land him in Saint Elizabeth's mental hospital. Sully travels to Oklahoma, where the shooter hails from, when the paper sends him to investigate what could have caused him to commit such horrific acts. However, what he finds there makes Sully determined to gain access to the asylum where Waters is kept to uncover the truth.