Editorial Review: Heroes of Time Legends: The Healer By Wayne D. Kramer

Editorial Review: Heroes of Time Legends: The Healer By Wayne D. Kramer

Fulgar Geth understood his world and his life in one way only – he is and has always been weird – but when he takes his life into his own hands and everything goes awry, he sets out on a path that will take him to his destiny.

With healing fingers, an affinity for metal and magnetism, and tri-colored hair, Fulgar Geth is somewhat of an outlier even in a world of magic and mystery. Binny - Fuglar’s best friend, dreamer, and constant anchor – gets his hands on a talisman that means their lives can finally be different. Embarking on an adventure of their own, Fulgar and Binny take to a life of thievery and danger.

Then, in an instant, a job goes wrong and everything changes. Fulgar is left alone with the beautiful Jinx who has trouble of her own. Fulgar’s quest to reunite with his oldest friend is made more dangerous by the pursuit by a dangerous Shadow Mage who wants nothing more than to drain Fulgar’s power for themselves. It’s one thing to be surrounded by enemies, but when you’re surrounded by people intent on protecting and promoting you it can be hard to know who to trust.

Heroes of Time Legends: The Healer, by Wayne D. Kramer, is an adventure in discovery – both in discovery of self and discovery of the world. Navigating the complex web of loyalties, life, and the motives of the people around him creates constant challenges for Fulgar in his journey forward. Exploring the themes of found family, faith, and friendship – Kramer has created a fantastic story.

Complete with a gorgeous set of maps that fill out the worldbuilding beautifully, this universe is just as carefully crafted as it is passionately filled to the brim. Thanks to Kramer’s vivid writing style, the reader is left with no doubt that the world these characters inhabit is indeed sprawling and just waiting to be discovered.

Fans of the series will dive right in and enjoy this addition, but newcomers will find The Healer an excellent introduction to a new world. Set a quarter of a century before the events of the main books Murdoch’s Choice and Murdoch’s Shadow, The Healer is a standalone story that enhances the series without leaving new readers behind.

Fast, relatable, and fun - The Healer by Wayne D. Kramer is an action-packed and entertaining read.