Books of the Month January 2024

Books of the Month January 2024

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There’s no better way to start a new year than with a new book, which is exactly what our readers did. From romance to fantasy and every genre in between, January had plenty of great books to choose from. Here are the top books in each category selected by our readers as their books of the month for January 2024. 

Best Romance

Cowboy in a Kilt

By Kait Nolan

Cowboy In A Kilt by Kait Nolan

Cowboy in a Kilt is the first book in the Kilted Hearts series by Kait Nolan. The romantic lead, Raleigh Beaumont, sees himself screwed out of the family ranch that was his rightful inheritance. After trying to find distraction in Vegas, he finds himself with an estate in the Highlands of Scotland after a high-stakes poker game. The only catch is that it comes with a centuries-old marriage pact, and to keep the estate, Raleigh will have to marry the heiress to the neighboring estate, Kyla MacKean. Kyla has just as much to lose, so the two agree to a marriage of convenience. The plan is to satisfy the pact and then get a quick and quiet divorce, but fate might have something different in store for the two. 

Best Mystery & Thriller

Her Deadly End

By Tikiri Herath

Her Deadly End by Tikiri Herath

Her Deadly End is part of the Tonya Stone FBI K9 Mystery Thrillers series by Tikiri Herath. The story sees FBI Special Agent Tanya Stone enjoying a vacation getaway in Paradise Cove. However, while enjoying a morning coffee with her detective friends, Tanya witnesses a murder-suicide. The sheriff’s verdict does not convince Tanya that it is a case of extreme road rage, so she becomes obsessed with unraveling the deadly mystery herself. Unfortunately, nobody else wants to see the truth, and her stay in town becomes more dangerous by the minute. 

Best Children’s Book

Would You Rather?

By Anna Avelino

Would You Rather? by Anna Avelino

Would You Rather? by Anna Avelino features challenging questions, silly scenarios, and hilarious situations for kids aged 8-12 to enjoy. Friends and family can join the fun as the book encourages multigenerational engagement. Along with the fun and games, the book also teaches readers about other countries and cultures, as well as fun destinations and historical events. This book is excellent for family bonding moments, from sleepovers to road trips. 

Best Young Adult

Slivers of Memory

By Kris Ruhler

Slivers of Memory by Kris Ruhler

Slivers of Memory is the prequel to the Chosen Legends series by Kris Ruhler. The story follows fifteen-year-old Arctic, one of the Metas - people with supernatural abilities. Arctic works at a print ship that is actually a safe base for Metas, but he finds himself becoming the target of a treacherous hunt when Metas start disappearing one by one. Arctic’s only ally is a mysterious girl he encounters who makes him question everything he’s ever believed in. While he sets out to risk everything to unearth the truth, Arctic also has to deal with his own forgotten past that is coming back to haunt him. 

Best Fantasy

First Bite

By Multiple Authors

First Bite by Multiple Authors

First Bite features eleven full-length urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels by various authors. The theme of this collection is vampires, and the books feature them as villains, heroes, anti-heroes, and more. The set includes Falling Dark by Christine Pope, which features a woman with uncontrollable visions discovering a hidden world of scheming vampires, as well as Aurora Sky by Nikki Jefford, starring an eighteen-year-old vampire hunter in Alaska. Also featured are novels by C. Gockel, C. Rene Astle, Holly Hook, Ann Gimpel, Debra Dunbar, Nicole Zoltack, Angela Roquet, Lorri Moulton & Anna-Violetta Carsini, and Marie Harte. 

Best Historical Fiction

The Silence After The Storm

By Aliza Kiebanov Florenthal

The Silence After the Storm by ALiza Kiebanov Florenthal

The Silence After the Storm by Aliza Kiebanov Florenthal is based on a heart-wrenching true story of a family that has been torn apart by the Second World War. From a mother rounded up along with her husband and daughter by the pro-Nazi Lithuanian army to her sons crossing the French countryside hoping to flee towards Spain to wait out the war, it is a tale of courage and loss, but also family and longing.

Best Literary Fiction

A Change of Tune

By Ossi Tager

A Change of Tune by Ossi Tager

A Change of Tune by Ossi Tager is the story of Benny, a disabled war veteran who returns home from the rehabilitation ward, a lost and broken man. Benny misses not only his ward brothers but also his music, but he can’t bring himself to pick up his guitar. His former squad mates desperately want him to return to playing music for a living, but all Benny has left are feelings of anger, guilt, and regret. However, his life begins to change when Benny warms up to the idea of an all-veteran band of brothers and the prospect of using music to mend all the broken pieces of his life.

Best Science Fiction

Stalin’s Army of Apes

By Itamar Eyal Friedman

Stalin's Army of Apes by Itamar Eval Friedman

Stalin’s Army of Apes by Itamar Eyal Friedman is a science fiction novel that basis its premise on actual events. Benjamin Foioretti is an American genetics scientist with a Nobel Prize nomination in ape research. This makes him the ideal candidate for the CIA and the U.S. Army to send in and uncover what Joseph Staling is planning. However, what Benjamin discovers inside the secret bunkers of the Red Army is something that humanity has never seen before. 

Best Paranormal

Once Upon a Witch

By Valia Lind

Once Upon a Witch by Valia Lind

Once Upon a Witch is the first book in the Crooked Windows Inn Cozy Witch Mysteries series by Valia Lind. When her magic acts up, Cassandra Duke finds herself without a job or plan. She planned to stay away from magic, but with it no longer an option, she heads to her aunt’s place, Crooked Windows Inn, for some peace and quiet. The idea is to get her magic and life back under control, but in the process, she picks up an annoying cat sidekick and reencounters her childhood nemesis. Even worse, one of the inn’s guests turns up dead, and since her aunt is the prime suspect, Cassie has to try and solve the case to keep her out of jail for a crime she didn’t commit.

Best Non-Fiction

YOU and Your Own Universe

By Silviu Pristavu

YOU and Your Own Universe by Silviu Pristavu

YOU and Your Own Universe by Silviu Pristavu is a transformative guidebook that takes readers on a journey of self-discovery. It is filled with practical tools and insights to help readers tap into their true potential. This can result in a life of abundance, joy, and fulfillment, making it ideal for those seeking personal growth, greater success, or a deeper understanding of themselves.