Books of The Month July 2020

Books of The Month July 2020

From family picnics to Christmas in July, there were many ways in which our readers celebrated the seventh month of 2020. However, the one thing that everyone indulged in was some reading. From romance and adventure to horror, non-fiction, and everything in between, these are the books that captivated our readers the most during the month of July.

Best Romance

Dark Desires

by Eve Silver

Dark Desires by Eve Silver

Dark Desires by Eve Silver introduces readers to Darcie Finch. After a betrayal by those she trusted, Darcie ends up penniless and alone. Darcie has no other choice than to become an assistant to Dr. Damien Cole, a position that nobody else has dared to accept. It is a position that takes her to the eerie state of her handsome and brooding employer, but she quickly discovers that nothing is as it seems. Darcie also finds herself falling for Damien, which wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for all the blood, disappearances, and murders.

Best Action & Adventure

Galactic Conflicts: First Contact

by Tyler Nicholas

Galactic Conflicts: First Contact by Tyler Nicholas

Galactic Conflicts: First Contact by Tyler Nicholas features the adventures of Kane, a member of the legendary Orlion academy. Kane and his mentor, Jorak, are assigned with investigating a mysterious communications blackout at the furthest reaches of the known galaxy. With all outposts on the edge of the galaxy going dark and the Alliance scouts sent to investigate never returning, Kane knows that he is heading into danger. First Contact doesn't just feature plenty of science fiction action, but also a large dose of magic, suspense, and mystery. Even more shocking, her mother who disappeared almost a decade ago might also still be alive. However, the find the answer she seeks, Morgan will have to deal with a shadowy group wielding incredible powers.

Best Mystery & Thriller


by T. K. Eldridge

Remembrance by T. K. Eldridge

Remembrance is the first book in the Descendants series by T. K. Eldridge. It combines murder and mystery as the protagonist, an investigative reporter, returns to her childhood home of Muckle Cove. It's not an easy homecoming as she saw her mother die in front of her eyes when she was only three years old. However, this time she is determined to dig into the murder and discover what really happened. Unfortunately, her investigation reveals things that are far from ordinary and some of it might just get her killed if she is not careful.

Best Children's Book

Lily Tames the Angry Monser

by Daddy Dan

Lily Tames the Angry Monster by Daddy Dan

It can be difficult for children to manage their emotions and deal with anger, which is where Lily Tames the Angry Monster can serve as a useful guide. The book can also help parents better understand what their young child is going through. The author makes use of poetry about everyday situations to explain how being calm can help to cope with stressful events. Overall, it's a great resource for parents who want to teach their children about self-regulation.

Best Young Adult


by Madeline Freeman

Awaking by Madeline Freeman

Morgan Abbey, the protagonist of Awaking by Madeline Freeman, finds her world turned upside down just weeks before the start of her senior year. After being approached by a mysterious stranger Morgan is surprised to learn that she might actually have real psychic abilities.

Best Fantasy


by Jennifer Blackstream

Deadline by Jennifer Blackstream

The protagonist of Deadline by Jennifer Blackstream is Shade, a village witch turned private investigator. While still trying to master the tricks of her new trade Shade is asked for help by an FBI contact. It would appear that a missing architect with ties to the mob might have been murdered. Shade is tasked with determining whether or not a ghost presence that showed up is the missing architect. It sounds easy enough to Shade, but things become a lot more complicated when a vampire shows up on her doorstep too with a case to solve.

Best Historical Fiction

The Executions

by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

The Executions by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

The Executions by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer is set in turn-of-the-century Indian Territory where a war is brewing. Ruth Ann is an eighteen-year-old Choctaw who doesn't want to see her family killed. Her family owns a controversial newspaper, called the Choctaw Tribune, but their mixed blood makes it a dangerous occupation. Ruth Ann wants to use her position as a reporter to spread the word about critical issues, but her quest for the truth could come at a great cost if she is not careful.

Best Horror

Things Undone

by Travis Liebert

Things Undone by Travis Liebert

Things Undone by Travis Liebert is a collection of horror stories that can send shivers up the spines of even the most dedicated fans of the genre. The 18 tales contained in this collection range from the cosmic to the supernatural, but they are all very unsettling. From a man who learns to control his dreams only to discover something terrifying lurking in them to a strange creature wandering the Black Forest in Germany the stories are diverse and engrossing.

Best Literary Fiction

Goodbye, Maggie

By Gary Gautier

Goodbye, Maggie by Gary Gautier

Phil, the protagonist in Goodbye, Maggie by Gary Gautier, finds his life upended by the arrival of his charismatic brother Magnus. According to Magnus, he has murdered Maggie Leblanc and requires sanctuary. Things spiral even further out of control when Magnus vanishes along with Phil's girlfriend Hernia. This causes Phil to end up on an uneasy road trip with a pharmaceutical salesman named Gus in an effort to track down Hernia. The fact that Gus is another rival for Hernia's attention complicates the matter somewhat, but that's just the start of Phil's problems.

Best Science Fiction

The Last Noah

by David Cuff

The Last Noah by David Cuff

The last Noah by David Cuff is the tale of Robin and Miranda, two people who go to bed in their separate rooms but wake up somewhere else entirely. Although they are both way outside their comfort zones they end up in several unusual and action-packed adventures. However, neither of them can shake the feeling that all may not be as it first seemed. The relationship between Robin and Miranda also grows over the course of their strange day, but is someone or something watching them?

Best Paranormal

The Unblessed Dead

by Rhiannon Frater

The Unblessed Dead by Rhiannon Frater

Life has never been easy for the Ilyse Nott, the protagonist of The Unblessed Dead by Rhiannon Frater. Although her mother saved their settlement from the Unblessed Dead that would have killed everyone, she was convicted of heresy for her troubles and died soon after. Necromancy is not tolerated in the stringent religious settlement where Ilyse lives, so she is determined to maintain her Pious Standing and find a suitable husband when she turns eighteen. Unfortunately for Ilyse, the dead have begun showing up in her garden, and if her secret is revealed her life will be over.

Best Non-Fiction

The Picture Predator

by Robert Brown

The Picture Predator by Robert Brown

The Picture Predator by Robert Brown is the true story of one mans brutal campaign of terror during the 60s and 70s. That man was Rodney Alcala and he had a knack for convincing his victims that he could launch their careers as models with his photography. Unfortunately, this was just a front for the killing spree that he had embarked on. To make matter worse, Rodney was also extremely adept at evading the law and even competed in a television dating program in the middle of his murderous campaign. The Picture Predator is a gritty and compelling look at Rodney Alcala that is definitely not for the faint of heart.