Catalina Du Bois - Captivating and Adventurous Romance Set in Egypt

Catalina Du Bois - Captivating and Adventurous Romance Set in Egypt
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Catalina Du Bois resides in the southwestern United States, where she finds inspiration from the enchanting landscapes of the desert. With a penchant for motorcycles, camping trips, and crafting romantic mysteries, Catalina is known for her candid and unfiltered writing style. Despite her reluctance to tout awards and accolades, Catalina's love for storytelling shines through in her works. She invites readers to join her on imaginative journeys through her novels, offering a unique blend of romance and mystery.  As our Author of the Day, she tells us all about her book, INFINITY: The Fifth Bride of Pharaoh.

Sara and Matthaios's relationship forms the heart of the narrative. Can you discuss how you developed their characters and their forbidden love amidst the backdrop of Ancient Egypt's societal norms and political intrigue?

Women were property to be sold into whatever marriage was most beneficial for their fathers or legal guardians. Even in the present day at our weddings we are walked down the aisle and “given away” by our fathers. Where do you think this tradition comes from? For Sara to stand firm in her refusal to be added to a harem of wives at that time in history was a choice that could end her life. For Matthaios to remain fixed in his determination to be with a woman so far above his station was a choice that could get him executed. That profound and unrelenting love shows how brave they were.

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The book explores themes of love, duty, and sacrifice. How do these themes manifest in the choices and struggles faced by Sara and Matthaios throughout the story?

As a slave, Matthaios was raised to be loyal and obedient. He had known no other life and would have been content to remain a slave until the day he died. Then his destiny is altered forever when his path crosses Sara’s. Matthaios falls in love with her and for the first time he starts to picture a world beyond the confines of enslavement.

Sara is depicted as a princess with a free spirit and determination. How does her character challenge traditional gender roles and expectations, particularly as she navigates her role as Pharaoh's bride and her own desires?

She is a woman ahead of her time. Many princesses would be content and honored to get added to a collection of royal wives but Sara refuses to accept this. She knows that she deserves a marriage with a man who truly loves her and she deserves to reign over her own kingdom of Nubia rather than playing a subservient role in someone else’s kingdom.

Besides writing, what other secret skills do you have?

I love drawing on the rare blessed occasion I can spare the time to.

Reviewers have praised the emotional depth and suspenseful storytelling of "INFINITY." How did you pull this off?

By ignoring traditional industry standards that dictate a book has to be boring to be romantic. I never agreed with this. I enjoy romance and passion but I also love mystery, suspense, and adventure. I believe the best stories are well-rounded. My goal with the Infinity series is to sweep readers off their feet with a timeless love story while providing edge of your seat action.

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As an author, what message or takeaway do you hope readers glean from Sara and Matthaios's journey, and how do you believe their story resonates with audiences today?

The message I hope to relay is that true love is worth waiting for and fighting for. In the present world it seems that bedrooms have revolving doors. The internet has made it so easy to run through a marathon of lovers and treat human beings like disposable objects. We should value one another more.

"INFINITY" offers a unique blend of historical fiction, fantasy, and romance. What do you believe sets this book apart from other works in the genre?

The fact that it’s a reincarnation series rather than another time traveling book. Countless movies, shows, and books are based on time travel but when was the last time you saw a reincarnation romance? Reincarnation is a core element of some major religions worldwide but it’s hardly ever written or filmed, especially in the context of romance. It is also rare to find a black woman on screen or in a book who doesn’t fit into one or more of the Triple ‘S’ categories (single mom, side chick, or slave). I’m not condemning anyone whose life falls into the Triple ‘S’ categories. I merely feel that black women have more than one story to tell. Historically, black people were kings, queens, warriors, philosophers, healers, inventors, and lovers but these stories aren’t being told. It creates a harmful false narrative when cinematographers and authors behave as if slavery, poverty, single motherhood, and promiscuity are the only stories black folks have to tell. Infinity is a more inclusive and well-rounded portrayal of history. Sara’s circumstances are ever evolving from lifetime to lifetime, from royalty to slavery and every complicated social class that falls between.

Do you have any interesting writing habits?

I put a picture on the first page of every chapter as a guide of what’s to come. This inspires me to write each chapter. I used to go back and delete all my art before publishing the books because I write adult literature. Then my husband suggested that I keep the artwork in the books, so I decided to give that a try. My readers have enjoyed the illustrated editions of my stories so far.

What are you working on right now?

I’m writing INFINITY: Love & Treasure. It’s the swashbuckling conclusion to my pirate trilogy. Those who love mature-rated adventure books and timeless romance should look for it in the fall of 2024.

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Where can our readers discover more of your work?

My stories can be found on Amazon. Please subscribe for new release alerts and leave a review of the Infinity tales that you’ve enjoyed.

INFINITY: The Fifth Bride of Pharaoh
Catalina DuBois

Illustrated edition! Sara, princess of Nubia, must wed the all-powerful Pharaoh of Egypt. Matthaios, a slave from a distant land, is assigned to serve this foreign beauty. He doesn’t understand why Sara should be the fifth wife of any man. With a conflicted heart, he accepts his duties but what happens when Sara decides she’d rather be the only love of a slave, than the fifth bride of Pharaoh?

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